Silence is Golden

My Grandmother always would say,”Silence is Golden “. I never knew what she meant by that being a mom of 6. If your children are silent isn’t that usually a sign of something’s fishy? Then I look at the times when she was silent.  She took time to breathe. Took time to read her Bible or Reader’s Digest.  She even took a quiet time to eat her lunch and watch her “stories “. But in her busy day as a mom and wife she took moments to be quiet and enjoy the silence.

It’s been very loud lately. Social media, the news, outside and even inside has been so loud. So loud that we aren’t  even hearing each other and that makes it even louder. When it is loud and we can’t hear each other we are constantly yelling to be heard. Can you imagine what we would HEAR if we were just silent for a bit?

I’ve had these moments lately. Just to be still and listen to what those around me have to say. I think in this day of sound bites, jumping to conclusions and constantly interrupting each other, taking the time to HEAR what your neighbor is saying helps a great deal. We all want to be heard. We want our feelings to be felt. We want to feel like our thoughts matter. So we must take a minute to be still and listen to each other. No. We may not always agree but wouldn’t this be a boring world if we did?

In the silence we may actually hear the voice of God. One of my favorite scriptures is, ” Be still and know I am God.” In that stillness, I can hear my Heavenly Daddy speaking to me, comforting me, and loving me. Even chastising me (we all need that from time to time). In that silence or stillness He can direct you. But to hear Him you have to shut the other crap out. Take your quiet moments like my Mama did. Read your Bible. Watch a good show or movie. Take a walk with a loved one or neighbor. BREATHE. Feel the warmth in the quiet and know silence is golden.


Pulling back the Shades…..

The movie 50 Shades of Grey is planned to hit theaters on Valentine’s Weekend! Woo Hoo! Not. I along with some other 350 women are campaigning for folks to Pull Back the Shades on 50 Shades.

I believe this “mommy porn” or “supermarket erotica” is leading ladies and men towards a slippery slope.  Many argue that this is a “love story” and all the sex mentioned is consensual.  I take issue with both.  I don’t see it as a love story. Where is the love? The acts may have been consensual, but there are times that she does not want to participate.  In reading different articles, I noticed that the BDSM community is not even in favor of the books or the film, for the way the lifestyle is portrayed. No I haven’t read the books, so why do I care? I care because I’ve been there.

Let me clarify. I’ve been in situations that seem exciting, sexually, but have led me down a dark path that only God could get me out of.  I jeopardized my marriage and myself for pleasure sought elsewhere.  50 Shades and other erotica can open doors to various avenues of pornography, online affairs, and the like.  What I’ve learned is that God wants something different for us. He made sex for us to enjoy, especially in the confines of marriage, and wants us to have true intimacy with our partners.

This book “Pulling Back the Shades” written by Dr. Juli Slattery and Dannah Gresh, shows that we can be Sexual and Spiritual at the same time.  That those things we were taught as young people in church, those “don’t’s” shouldn’t keep us from having fulfilling sex lives.  When you expose your heart and head to those other images, it is difficult to make a true connection to someone and you have an empty feeling.

I am speaking from my viewpoint. it is strictly my opinion. I know what happened to me and would like to keep someone from making the same mistakes I did.

Be the Light

What have I been doing? Thinking. Which is a very dangerous thing for me.  I was thinking about this blog, where I want it to go and who do I want to reach.  It was suggested in the Blogging 101 course to take stock of what you were doing and find your brand.  In order to do that I must peel away some layers and become more transparent.

I am always seeing this glass of life, half full.  Why waste time on looking at the negative and commenting on it? It will only bring you down.  But sometimes the negative is so prevalent that it is all you see, hear and feel.  Why is that? Why isn’t it easy to look on the brighter side of things?

As I go through the life I have lived thus far, it is much more pleasant to look towards the light. Not in a morbid, we are dying sort of way, but towards the light that sustains us all.  My God is one of Love and Light.  He does not wish us to walk around, moping and grumbling about every little thing.  Everything that burdens you can be turned over to Him.  He knows all, even those things you want to keep secret.  I have found that when I turn over complete control of my life and all that bothers me to My Daddy (GOD) I can sleep easier, I can smile more, and I can bring more joy wherever I go.

Have you noticed that people in downtrodden countries smile more?  That is because they know what is really important.  It’s not what you have, who you’re wearing or who even won the Super Bowl or Oscars.  It’s about Love, Life, Family.  They certainly have things to grumble about. But they still smile.  They are showing their gratefulness for being in the land of the living.

i implore you. Smile more, bring Joy, be the Light that you want to see in this awfully dark world.  If we don’t do it, who will?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Be the Change.”

The Daily Post ‘s Prompt from Jan. 2 excited me. What change so I want to see come from my blog?

I want people to take away a sense of hope.  Like the tagline states,  “There is always a silver lining. You just have to look for it.”. Many times we let our past and present cloud how we perceive what is going on or what is going to happen. Our imagination can be our downfall aa it goes haywire! There can be a silver lining i. Thw most horrible cases, just enough for you to remember that there are forces bigger than you at work and if you stay on the side of good, blessings will come your way.

Folks should understand that the storms do not last always. That is something my Mama would tell me as a little girl. I didn’t understand then, but I do now. Life will bring storms, hurricanes and tornadoes.  Even tsunamis!  Real and figurative.  You can survive them and tell your story for those whose turn is coming.

That’s what this is about. I have had my storms and I know more are on their way but I also know that I will be able to walk away from them smiling and straightening my crown because it takes more than that to knock me down.

Continue to smile and look at the positive. God has bigger and better for you and He wants you to have it!

What’s in a name?

Who are you?

Depending on who you speak to I am various people.  Sis.  Murphy,  Rev. Murphy’s wife, Peri’s mom, Carroll Ann. But do these names explain who I am. I belong to organizations and groups that fulfill me and help me reach those in need but is that who I am. One title encompasses the whole of who I am and that is Daughter of the King.

The King I mean is not Elvis, the King of Rock n Roll or The King of Pop, Michael Jackson.  He is the King of all Kings! He is the ultimate Daddy. He is God.

I have always been raised to see myself as a Queen and have raised my daughter to see herself as a Princess.  When we put these titles on ourselves it’s not to say we are better than or superior but to say that I hold myself to a higher standard and will not(at least will try not to) cave to anything. My mom raised us to see ourselves as royalty because the nations we came from in Africa were full of Kings and Queens, scholars and scientists.  We were not the slaves that the history books have painted us to be
We were and are capable for so much more. The bible also says that we are royalty.  We are of a royal priesthood.
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How do you describe yourself? Do you automatically jump into what you do, telling who your parents, spouse or child are? Or are you able to declare thay you are a child of The Most High King and your Daddy reigns over all!

With this acknowledgement we are able to leap buildings and take on giants because our Father is the one who carries us and makes us strong.

I’m so ashamed……

This was my New Year resolution.  Do something new, daring, out of my comfort zone. While enjoying the Blogging 101 I was suddenly stopped in my tracks by my ignorance in blogging/interweb terms. I felt all of my 44 years in not being up to date with the new things. I actually started looking for the Blogging for Dummies just to help me.

But then I gave myself a pass. So what
if I can’t embed a song or quote right now. A week ago I didn’t even know how to set up a blog! I got upset that I couldn’t keep up with a course that clearly tells you to take your time. Why are we so hard on ourselves? Haven’t I learned that whatever is for me will manifest as long as I take my time and follow it through?

So here we are again. And the thoughts are flowing like lava!!

Be blessed today!

Blogging 101- what’s up!


Hey Bloggers! 

How is everyone doing in this cold? We’ve been assigned for #3 to connect with our neighbors.  I did it and found some great blogs, who in turn have followed me. I’m loving this sense of community and like minded spirits. So now #4. Write to your dream readers.  Well who, pray tell is that?

There ia alot to this new assignment and I am learning things in the blogiverse bit by bit. I will be writing to my dream reader soon.

Be blessed and warm!

Angels everywhere.

“Angels watching over me every step I take. Angels watching over me. Angels watching over me every move I make. Angels watching over me.”
Amy Grant

I believe in angels.  Not necessarily the fancy kind with the flowing dresses, long hair and huge wings. More like the celestial beings that follow you and keep you safe. I believe that there are angels in human form that are here to help. I was always told to be careful how you treat strangers because you may be entertaining angels and I believe that’s true.

Yesterday, my husband ran out of gas on his way to work. He called me to bring him a gas tank he had partially filled. Once I got to him, two gentlemen were assisting him. One had my husband’s truck connected to his truck and he was pulling it and the other man was pushing from behind. I just followed with my flashers on until we made it to the gas station a little bit off.  Once he was settled at the station and pleasantries were exchanged, my husband offered money and they refused saying God Bless. Good Samartians? Yes. Angels?  Definitely!

I had a similar experience with a car stalling in the middle of the road. Cars drove by me left and right until one stopped to help.  He jumped out of his car and helped me move to the side. When I stepped out of the car to thank him, he and his vehicle were gone. All I could say was Thank You Lord  because I knew it was an angel.

I collect angel figurines. Not because I think they have some special power but because I believe in what they represent.  That there is something watching over you keeping you safe. I pray that legions of angels watch over my family and know that God will send one when we are in need. How else can I explain the two scenarios I just told you.

They are everywhere! What do you think?

A sliver of silver……


Good morning!  I’m loving this class because it is getting my creative juices flowing and making me write. Don’t they say that once something is done for 21 days it becomes a habit? I hope so. That way this dream can progress to becoming a reality.

Anywho, the assignment for the day is to change the title and tagline of our blog. Right now I really like mine so I will let all know why I chose them.

Embracing Hope. We all need a little hope in our lives. With all that happens from day to day, minute to minute, even second to second, hope is what keeps us moving forward. Sometimes hope is the only thing we have to hold onto. And sometimes hope holds onto us. That’s why we can fully embrace it. Isn’t great when you embrace someone you can fully feel the hug from either side and if you happen to need more all you have to do is give a tighter squeeze?

Why don’t we look for the silver lining in things?  Why is it easier to dwell on the negative all the time? I may sound like Pollyanna but I truly believe there is something good in everything. Is there evil in this world? Definitely!  But the goodness can outweigh it and can turn it for good. Some things do happen that we cannot explain or end up opposite of what we think. Even in these instances we cannot let the negative of the situation win out. Look for that silver lining, however small it may be and you  will find the hope you need that things will get better.

Many times in my life I have had to find the silver lining. I have had to look through tears and storms.  I’ve had to look up from dark pits of despair.  But I have always found a bit of silver and embraced the hope to keep me waking up to another day. That is what I pray this blog will be about.  To share those things that have happened and let you see how hope has played a part in getting me through.

I pray that anyone reading this is able to find that sliver of silver, however small it may be, and hold onto it as a life raft to help them navigate those choppy waves.  The sea will become calm again if you are embracing hope.

I did it! Blogging101

They say you only have one chance to make a great impression but I believe that you have many. As you grow and evolve who you were in the beginning won’t always be who you end up to be. I’m Carroll Ann. A Preacher’s wife AND daughter, working mother of a teenage daughter and a proclaimed Daughter of the King (not Elvis or Mike). I am interested in all that life gives and how we respond.  I believe there is always a
silver lining.  Some may think that is naive but I live a life of being thankful for it all. Good and bad. I love to write and am jumping into the blogging world  to see if I really have what it takes. I want to share tidbits of my life and hopefully help someone through some of theirs. We are all here to help each other survive and become better versions of what you saw in that first impression.


Carroll Ann