30 Day Fast for Me

Days 4 and 5

Days 4 and 5 are together because:1. Day 4 was, not horrible but close to it and 2. Day 5 started off just as bad.

On Day 3 I ate late and slept bad which could explain for some of Day 4. I also started to get some of the side effects of no caffeine.  Let’s just say Carroll Black was at work and brought some of her dwarves with her. Namely Grumpy, Sleepy, Foggy,  Sluggishy and Trippy. They stayed with me the whole day AND the foolishness that is someone “taunting” me with Coke continued. It was NOT a pretty day. On the bright side, there are people at my job that think it’s funny when I’m testy because I am normally a brush things off, look at the bright side kind of person.  So when I’m not they get a kick out of my shenanigans.  I’m happy I can bring joy either way. SO the day was a day. I did eat on time and still didn’t have caffeine but I didn’t control my stress well because I definitely did not pray before I reacted to things. Many times I should have just briefly prayed so my words and/or actions would be appropriate. I didn’t flat out snap or curse anyone out but I’m sure it was apparent that I was not in the mood.  I  need, during these 30 days, to learn how to manage my stress better especially at work. I do realize that it is a place where the most amount of my stress comes from.

I felt better physically on Day 5. I was awfully sluggish on Day 4 because of eating so late then lying down for bed. I ate properly before 7 the night before and I can now see the benefits of that choice. I’m not bloated and nauseous in the morning and sleep much better. The “Coke Taunter” started again and before I knew it I went on a small tirade. Of course the person was taken aback because after all they were just joking and thought this was encouraging me to keep going. HUH?? Anywho, I felt terrible as I do when I act out and as soon as I got them alone I properly apologized and explained myself. Again, the stress level needs much work. A question I have is, is Perimenopause part of this too? It can’t help me that I am going through that and trying to do this life altering fast at the same time. The symptoms I have with Perimenopause  (mood swings, “warmness”, tiredness,  forgetfulness ) are greater,  or feel that way, now. I’ll be paying more attention to this as these days go on.

The day got better, maybe because it was Friday and I knew I had the weekend off with little activities.  I planned an at home date night with the hubby and made ribs, mac n cheese, baked cookies and ice cream for dessert.  We were going to enjoy dinner and a movie and the quiet time together. We had a great time until I fell asleep.  We never got to the movie! I didn’t keep the “no eating after 7” stuff because it was a fun night and we were relaxing. This is something we are trying to do to keep our stress level down as a couple. We cannot spend time together like we used to with going to restaurants and weekends away because of money,  but we can change up and do things at home or on a smaller scale.  Just as long as we are spending time together.

The first 5 are done. I think I can give myself a C. Some of the things I set to do didn’t get done and some things didn’t go smoothly but it is just the beginning.


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