30 day fast for me.

Day 2

By definition, fasting is to refrain from eating food. To abstain or deprive yourself as you become closer to God. I have heard of fasts where the person abstains from something that has a hold on them. Almost like one does during the Lenten season.  Giving up something that you have let control your time and mind. This is the type of fast I’m doing. As I’m abstaining from caffeine and fb I am able to transfer those urges or time to studying about prayer and listening to God and His plans. It is hard when normally I turn to a Coke or mindless scrolling through fb when I am stressed.  I now take that time to pray, read my selected scriptures and calm down with God’s help. It becomes a lesson on releasing my control and letting God take over.

I’m also not eating after 7. I thought this was going to be an easy one until I really looked at my habits and how even if I have had dinner earlier,  I  am ready for a snack before I go to bed. Normally it would be a half of a pb&j or chips and salsa. Salsa is healthy, right?  I wasn’t going to worry about the food aspect of a fast because I normally eat pretty good. My only hiccups are cookies and chips.  I love chips. But if they aren’t in the house or if I’m broke too cheap, I don’t buy them. If they aren’t there I don’t eat them, but if they are……… So this has also been part of my lessons. How to control my eating habits. What to eat, when to eat and what to do when those goodies are around.

10 years ago I did a similar fast when I was dealing with sexual addiction issues and my relationship with God was (in my eyes ) on shaky ground. He is always there for you but at that time I felt so removed from Him and thought that everything I had gone through removed me from His sight. At that time I read 2 books called, “Get out of that Pit” by Beth Moore and “Every Woman’s Battle” by Shannon Ethridge”. These along with my Bible and journaling helped me out of the pit I had gotten into. I also gave up Coke at that time to have something to abstain from. It was just as difficult then!! Now I’m studying a book on prayer. It’s by Priscilla Shirer, a inspirational speaker and one of the stars from the blockbuster War Room. It teaches strategies to use prayer in the battle of your life. I can’t wait to delve into it and share all that I learn.


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