I woke up looking at my engagement ring.  I don’t wear it often because of the work I do and I don’t want to lose the stone.  My husband, with the help of his mom and the jeweler picked the most perfect stone for me and had it set in a simple gold band. God bless my husband, but thank God for the jeweler and my mom in law, as they gently changed his mind from the heart shaped diamond to an estate diamond the jeweler had just recently purchased.  My stone is a marquis cut, which I love, and a perfect size for my little hand and had little flaws. The jeweler said, with enthusiasm, that these flaws were in the stone and if one tried to take them out it would ruin the stone.

In the jewelery world these flaws are called inclusions.  Some people don’t want a flawless diamond, which are very expensive and difficult to find.  Some feel that the flaws in the diamond are what makes the diamond unique.  Like people, not all diamonds are made alike and our differences are what make us special. Imagine our world if everyone was alike and “flawless “. Where would our inventions come from? Our art and music? There is beauty in being different and unique.

During High School none of us wanted to be different. We wanted to blend in and hide our flaws. It was so embarrassing to be different. But as we have gotten older we need to embrace those differences and acknowledge that our imperfections are how our Perfect God wants us to be. He relishes in our differences because these are the things He uses to make us our truest self. Once we embrace who we truly are and love that person that God loves we are on our way. With His guidance we can be who we are supposed to be, flaws and all.
We are fearfully and wonderfully made!


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