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Vision for 2016

on January 4, 2016


My vision of 2016! Last week I attended a Vision Board Party. What’s a vision board?  It’s a large poster board with pictures and words that convey what your vision of your year or future looks like. It’s those things that you want to work on or aspire to. It’s those dreams that you have. The purpose of the vision board is to put those items on paper for you to see.  Once the thoughts and dreams get out of your head and are in front of you, then you know what you are working with and where to then go from.

My vision of 2016 is a time for a change. Isn’t that everyone’s New Year saying? But I need a change in job, health, and mindset. The purpose of my board is to constantly remind myself to do for ME. At the top/center it says “Can do energy “. I need to constantly remind myself that I Can Do, in all arenas (ministry,  writing,  marriage, motherhood). Another part of the board says”feeling good”. I want to work on feeling better, day to day. I need to do those things that will help me feel better; be it eat and drink better, move my body even though the arthritis is plaguing my joints or relax and just say no. At the left is says “turn a girls night into a girls weekend”. I have been so negligent of my female relationships. Those ladies have been with me through thick and thin. I miss the dinner club, movie nights or just chatting over a glass of wine. My marriage relationship and raising my child are both important parts of me but those connections to your “girls” are times when you can be refreshed.  I put “Get Organized” on there because the correlation  between a messy house and a cluttered mind is too great. I don’t want to write when my desk is covered with stuff and I just want to lie down when my bedroom is cluttered. Getting organized, purging and putting everything in their place will help clear my mind and help my vision take form.

I know that with Prayer and Love of myself these changes can happen and as I change other aspects of my life will come around. Especially when I have “Belief” in myself and want to ” Live my Best Life ”

A vision board does not have to be on a BOARD. It can be writing on notebook paper,  pictures, words and quotes put together in a binder or as my niece and daughter said “It’s so much easier on Pinterest.” I like the going through magazines looking for words, pictures and quotes that touch me and the method of cutting and gluing. Do what works for you.

What would be on your vision board?


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