My Grandmother always would say,”Silence is Golden “. I never knew what she meant by that being a mom of 6. If your children are silent isn’t that usually a sign of something’s fishy? Then I look at the times when she was silent.  She took time to breathe. Took time to read her Bible or Reader’s Digest.  She even took a quiet time to eat her lunch and watch her “stories “. But in her busy day as a mom and wife she took moments to be quiet and enjoy the silence.

It’s been very loud lately. Social media, the news, outside and even inside has been so loud. So loud that we aren’t  even hearing each other and that makes it even louder. When it is loud and we can’t hear each other we are constantly yelling to be heard. Can you imagine what we would HEAR if we were just silent for a bit?

I’ve had these moments lately. Just to be still and listen to what those around me have to say. I think in this day of sound bites, jumping to conclusions and constantly interrupting each other, taking the time to HEAR what your neighbor is saying helps a great deal. We all want to be heard. We want our feelings to be felt. We want to feel like our thoughts matter. So we must take a minute to be still and listen to each other. No. We may not always agree but wouldn’t this be a boring world if we did?

In the silence we may actually hear the voice of God. One of my favorite scriptures is, ” Be still and know I am God.” In that stillness, I can hear my Heavenly Daddy speaking to me, comforting me, and loving me. Even chastising me (we all need that from time to time). In that silence or stillness He can direct you. But to hear Him you have to shut the other crap out. Take your quiet moments like my Mama did. Read your Bible. Watch a good show or movie. Take a walk with a loved one or neighbor. BREATHE. Feel the warmth in the quiet and know silence is golden.


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