The movie 50 Shades of Grey is planned to hit theaters on Valentine’s Weekend! Woo Hoo! Not. I along with some other 350 women are campaigning for folks to Pull Back the Shades on 50 Shades.

I believe this “mommy porn” or “supermarket erotica” is leading ladies and men towards a slippery slope.  Many argue that this is a “love story” and all the sex mentioned is consensual.  I take issue with both.  I don’t see it as a love story. Where is the love? The acts may have been consensual, but there are times that she does not want to participate.  In reading different articles, I noticed that the BDSM community is not even in favor of the books or the film, for the way the lifestyle is portrayed. No I haven’t read the books, so why do I care? I care because I’ve been there.

Let me clarify. I’ve been in situations that seem exciting, sexually, but have led me down a dark path that only God could get me out of.  I jeopardized my marriage and myself for pleasure sought elsewhere.  50 Shades and other erotica can open doors to various avenues of pornography, online affairs, and the like.  What I’ve learned is that God wants something different for us. He made sex for us to enjoy, especially in the confines of marriage, and wants us to have true intimacy with our partners.

This book “Pulling Back the Shades” written by Dr. Juli Slattery and Dannah Gresh, shows that we can be Sexual and Spiritual at the same time.  That those things we were taught as young people in church, those “don’t’s” shouldn’t keep us from having fulfilling sex lives.  When you expose your heart and head to those other images, it is difficult to make a true connection to someone and you have an empty feeling.

I am speaking from my viewpoint. it is strictly my opinion. I know what happened to me and would like to keep someone from making the same mistakes I did.


2 thoughts on “Pulling back the Shades…..

  1. I was at a sandwich shop last nite and one clerk said to the other, “You and I – 50 shades tomorrow night!” The other girl said, “I have absolutely no interest in that.” I was cheering her on – so glad she took a stand! It makes me nervous how many Christian women think this is ok!

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