What have I been doing? Thinking. Which is a very dangerous thing for me.  I was thinking about this blog, where I want it to go and who do I want to reach.  It was suggested in the Blogging 101 course to take stock of what you were doing and find your brand.  In order to do that I must peel away some layers and become more transparent.

I am always seeing this glass of life, half full.  Why waste time on looking at the negative and commenting on it? It will only bring you down.  But sometimes the negative is so prevalent that it is all you see, hear and feel.  Why is that? Why isn’t it easy to look on the brighter side of things?

As I go through the life I have lived thus far, it is much more pleasant to look towards the light. Not in a morbid, we are dying sort of way, but towards the light that sustains us all.  My God is one of Love and Light.  He does not wish us to walk around, moping and grumbling about every little thing.  Everything that burdens you can be turned over to Him.  He knows all, even those things you want to keep secret.  I have found that when I turn over complete control of my life and all that bothers me to My Daddy (GOD) I can sleep easier, I can smile more, and I can bring more joy wherever I go.

Have you noticed that people in downtrodden countries smile more?  That is because they know what is really important.  It’s not what you have, who you’re wearing or who even won the Super Bowl or Oscars.  It’s about Love, Life, Family.  They certainly have things to grumble about. But they still smile.  They are showing their gratefulness for being in the land of the living.

i implore you. Smile more, bring Joy, be the Light that you want to see in this awfully dark world.  If we don’t do it, who will?


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