Who are you?

Depending on who you speak to I am various people.  Sis.  Murphy,  Rev. Murphy’s wife, Peri’s mom, Carroll Ann. But do these names explain who I am. I belong to organizations and groups that fulfill me and help me reach those in need but is that who I am. One title encompasses the whole of who I am and that is Daughter of the King.

The King I mean is not Elvis, the King of Rock n Roll or The King of Pop, Michael Jackson.  He is the King of all Kings! He is the ultimate Daddy. He is God.

I have always been raised to see myself as a Queen and have raised my daughter to see herself as a Princess.  When we put these titles on ourselves it’s not to say we are better than or superior but to say that I hold myself to a higher standard and will not(at least will try not to) cave to anything. My mom raised us to see ourselves as royalty because the nations we came from in Africa were full of Kings and Queens, scholars and scientists.  We were not the slaves that the history books have painted us to be
We were and are capable for so much more. The bible also says that we are royalty.  We are of a royal priesthood.
<a href="http://bible.com/111/1pe.2.9.niv&quot;

How do you describe yourself? Do you automatically jump into what you do, telling who your parents, spouse or child are? Or are you able to declare thay you are a child of The Most High King and your Daddy reigns over all!

With this acknowledgement we are able to leap buildings and take on giants because our Father is the one who carries us and makes us strong.


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