“Angels watching over me every step I take. Angels watching over me. Angels watching over me every move I make. Angels watching over me.”
Amy Grant

I believe in angels.  Not necessarily the fancy kind with the flowing dresses, long hair and huge wings. More like the celestial beings that follow you and keep you safe. I believe that there are angels in human form that are here to help. I was always told to be careful how you treat strangers because you may be entertaining angels and I believe that’s true.

Yesterday, my husband ran out of gas on his way to work. He called me to bring him a gas tank he had partially filled. Once I got to him, two gentlemen were assisting him. One had my husband’s truck connected to his truck and he was pulling it and the other man was pushing from behind. I just followed with my flashers on until we made it to the gas station a little bit off.  Once he was settled at the station and pleasantries were exchanged, my husband offered money and they refused saying God Bless. Good Samartians? Yes. Angels?  Definitely!

I had a similar experience with a car stalling in the middle of the road. Cars drove by me left and right until one stopped to help.  He jumped out of his car and helped me move to the side. When I stepped out of the car to thank him, he and his vehicle were gone. All I could say was Thank You Lord  because I knew it was an angel.

I collect angel figurines. Not because I think they have some special power but because I believe in what they represent.  That there is something watching over you keeping you safe. I pray that legions of angels watch over my family and know that God will send one when we are in need. How else can I explain the two scenarios I just told you.

They are everywhere! What do you think?


One thought on “Angels everywhere.

  1. Great blog, i have always known i am protected, i have been lucky in my life to have seen some of my guides materialize in front of me. If you really want to have them appear; just put it out there and see what happens; it can be quite frightening at first when it happens, but then you realize who they are. I believe we are a spiritual being having a human experience. A spiritual being first and a human being second; i use the spiritual part of my being when i am doing my healing work and writing; it is called intuition and conscious awareness; which happens when you are totally working in present time in your feelings. I wont rave on too much; except to say i will follow you blog with great interest, love it. LOL Murray


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