Good morning!  I’m loving this class because it is getting my creative juices flowing and making me write. Don’t they say that once something is done for 21 days it becomes a habit? I hope so. That way this dream can progress to becoming a reality.

Anywho, the assignment for the day is to change the title and tagline of our blog. Right now I really like mine so I will let all know why I chose them.

Embracing Hope. We all need a little hope in our lives. With all that happens from day to day, minute to minute, even second to second, hope is what keeps us moving forward. Sometimes hope is the only thing we have to hold onto. And sometimes hope holds onto us. That’s why we can fully embrace it. Isn’t great when you embrace someone you can fully feel the hug from either side and if you happen to need more all you have to do is give a tighter squeeze?

Why don’t we look for the silver lining in things?  Why is it easier to dwell on the negative all the time? I may sound like Pollyanna but I truly believe there is something good in everything. Is there evil in this world? Definitely!  But the goodness can outweigh it and can turn it for good. Some things do happen that we cannot explain or end up opposite of what we think. Even in these instances we cannot let the negative of the situation win out. Look for that silver lining, however small it may be and you  will find the hope you need that things will get better.

Many times in my life I have had to find the silver lining. I have had to look through tears and storms.  I’ve had to look up from dark pits of despair.  But I have always found a bit of silver and embraced the hope to keep me waking up to another day. That is what I pray this blog will be about.  To share those things that have happened and let you see how hope has played a part in getting me through.

I pray that anyone reading this is able to find that sliver of silver, however small it may be, and hold onto it as a life raft to help them navigate those choppy waves.  The sea will become calm again if you are embracing hope.


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